Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Signs : Iraq is getting used to Americas bombing

*Owners of Target franchises make plans to open stores back up again.

*Instead of saying, “We are under attack, please take shelter,” citizens are now told, “Here we go again, you know the drill.”

*Everyone wears sunglasses all the time.

*Sarcastic giggling heard just behind live CNN reporters.

*Yesterday’s lead headline in most Iraqi newspapers was “NBA Lockout Continues.”

*Instead of running for cover at the sound of the air raid sirens, the Iraqis do the “Tomahawk Chop.”

*Hussein’s latest address to the nation included the line, “We must resist the Great Satan, yadda yadda yadda…”

*Christiane Amanpour is being invited to rooftop bomb watching parties all over Baghdad.

*Baghdad High’s senior class has playfully painted a bull’s-eye on the roof of the school.

*Iraqi Television Network preempts Hussein’s speech to show “Baywatch.”

*Maps of Baghdad being divided into numbered grids and sold on street corners to play “Cruise Missile Bingo.”

*Baghdad weather girls point to the map and say, “Scattered B-52 bombings and cruise missile strikes tonight through the early morning, with light rocket attacks tomorrow, clearing off by noon.”

*”We could be killed by a bomb any second” no longer an effective pickup line in Iraqi bars.

*Every Iraqi citizen has been issued a catcher’s mitt.

*Students anxiously listen to the radio each morning to listen for school closings.

*Even the ever-hilarious, “Sorry, that was me–must’ve been those BEANS I ate!” jokes are wearing thin.

*Gag gift sales soar with the release of the new “Magnetic Hat.”

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