Thursday, October 25, 2007

Accessing Ur Office Pc From Ur Home Or Elsewhere

If you want to use office pc at home or elsewhere, then try logmein software, in its free version you can easily connect to your pc at home or work by using your internet explorer.

Visit for more info and download free version and install on the pc you want to remotely access.


If you hava a statick IP address you can do it easily,you can connect using Microsoft Terminal Services.


Disable you Windows firewall on both system.


Enable the MSTSC(Terminal Services) Mycomputer-->properties-->remote-->Check the Remote Desktkop & Remote Assistance checkboxes, then add the Remote users.


Set the Workgroup as same as both systems.


Pinging with your office system, its gets reply, using MSTSC command in run, it will displayed Terminal Services Window, in that window give your office system IP address and then connect.

Yeah,Internet Connection Is Mandatory.

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