Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Earn free PED, Linden and other coupons the easy way : Why Sweat when you have stuffpoints

Entropia Universe and Stuffpoints, an amazing combination

Why? you might ask, here's why.

Direct Link : stuffpoints.com

What is stuffpoints?

It is a site that partners with many other advertising providers and hosts a wide range of activities like survey, tasks,videos, buy stuff, install software, etc in which you can participate (all are optional) and earn points. The points you earn will be updated to your account immediately. And there is no way that you can have 0 points in your account because as long as you visit stuffpoint everyday you can get easy 20 points via their partner site by answering two simple questions in the fan section.

So what are you expected to do?

Simple log-in to stuffpoint, do some of the activities earn the points and get the reward in one of the various options they provide.

How much are you expected to pay for membership?


Its free to become a member. Create the account and start earning points. That's it.

Direct link to website: stuffpoints.com

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