Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top 10 Apple Flop Products

source :, It's about 10 super flop Apple Products.
so Here is the List

Apple Cyberdog
Apple EWorld
Apple Pippin
20th Anniversary Macintosh
Motorola ROKR
Macintosh TV
Macintosh Portable
Apple Lisa
Apple Newton

Apple is a great Innovator, I agree. But why is Apple not a great HIT as Microsoft. In a corporate of say 1000 machines, hardly 10 will be MAC or even less for sure and that too it will be used for testing purpose. Why so? First and foremost reason for this is Cost and second thing is platform dependence. Thou now steps has been taken to make it independent, still the measures are not easily adaptable . I need a Macintosh or my intel need so many additional features to run that, and I bet it wil be damm slow. Unless Apple gona adapt itself, its not gona be universal.

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