Friday, December 14, 2007

Creating Custom Sprays In Counter-Strike 1.6

Create custom Counter Strike 1.6 sprays

Stuff's you need are Counter Strike 1.6 and tool called HlTagConverter

I assume that you already have Counter Strike 1.6 , so here's the download link to

Click Here

Download and unzip

I think we are ready to start..

1. Create your image and save it to your hard drive (anywhere you want)

2. Open HlTagConverter by double-clicking it

3. Click button that says "1. Open Image" (it's the only active button at this point,
or at least it should be! Very Happy)

4. Ok now browse to where you saved your image and open it, you should see
your image in the HlTagConverter program and on the right corner some
random information of your image

5. So, we opened the picture, what next? Click the second button that says
"2. Adjust Image" (and it should be only active button at this point)
You see some adjustment options, your don't have to change them necessarily
if you don't want to and I don't really even recommend to change adjust options
since they are good at default.. Notice you can't make the images bigger than
96*112 but smaller it is possible.. Ok lets move on.. Now click "AutoSize" button
on the right corner..

6. Then simply click "Apply changes and convert to 256 colors" button

7. Now basically you are done.. Click "3. Save Tag" button and you get some
weird pop-up window, right? Okok don't worry, just select the "Export to WAD
file" and click OK....

8. Now browse to InstallHardDrive:\InstallDirectory(Normally Program
you might want to create folder called "Sprays" where you place all you sprays
by simply right-clicking on blank area and choose new -> folder, save your image
as Spray1.
Ok Now browse to this folder and copy (ctrl+c OR right-click -> copy) the
Spray1.wad file to \cstrike\ folder (You can "paste" it by clicking ctrl+v or
right-click -> Paste) and delete old tempdecal.wad file and rename
your Spray1.wad to tempdecal.wad and right-click on it and goto Properties and
then choose "Read Only"..
You can now close all the folders and programs..

That's It Folks

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